Recent engagement photos

Krystal and Scott

Brii and Greg

Hailey and Ryan Yes, they are school teachers and they wanted to take their engagement pictures at their Hight School

Samantha and Ryan Down on their farm!

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A day with President Obama in Alpha, Illinois

Hi Everyone:
Its been awhile since I updated my blog. Sorry about that. I’ve never been a great letter writer like my mom. The good news is that I’ve been very busy with my weddings and stock photography.

I decided to update my blog today with something a little special, my photo adventure with President Obama coming to Alpha, Illinois. Alpha is a tiny town up by Galesburg. So on Wednesday I headed up Route 74 to Alpha with excitement and dreams in my head that I would get there early and get a front row seat for Obama’s speech. I can’t lie, I had dreams of me shaking his hand and kidding with the President. I even thought that I might end up on the evening news.

But just then, I was snapped back to reality as I turned off 74 towards Alpha. All I could visualize is me acting like an idiot in front of the President, like Guber on the Andy Griffth Show. And then, what would my wife say to me after she saw me totally embarrass myself on the nightly news. I couldn’t bear the humiliation. So I decided I would sit a few rows back and zoom in with my telephoto lens for some great pictures.

As you’ll see below, I couldn’t get within a mile of the President. I think every police officer in the State of Illinois was in Alpha.
And to top it off, you had to have a ticket to get into the tent for his speech. Forget it.

Yeah, I found that out after walking a quarter-mile in the hot sun to come face to face with a very tall and big secret service agent. He snapped out a
question to me as I stagger up to him suffering from near heat exhaustion from my walk, “What are you doing here”. My first thought to myself was…what a totally dumb questions. Obviously, someone in shorts and a tee-shirt carrying a camera is here to see the President. But without any thought I quickly answered, I’m here to see President Obama. After 15 seconds of conversation, which he totally monopolized , I slowly made my way back to my car in the searing summer heat.

What a bummer, I said to myself, wiping my brow.

But wait a darn minute, no, I’m going to make the best of this day. So I decided to hang around Alpha a few hours. It was great…I got to talk with a lot of nice people, take a few pictures of the town, its people and of course the motorcade of President Obama coming into town. I am positive he was waving just at me through his 4 inch bullet proof – tinted dark window glass – in his million dollar bus that was built-in Canada.

No, I didn’t get to see President Obama in person today. Like all of you, I had to wait for the nightly news to come on to get a glimpse of what I thought I would be apart today. One thing is for sure, at least I didn’t embarrass my wife.

I hope you’ll enjoy the pictures I did take while in Alpha with President Obama and get some idea of what happened today.

And remember to call me for your upcoming wedding, family pictures and events.
Thanks for listening. Greg

Town folks waiting for Obama’s motorcade

Faithful Obama followers

Not so faithful Obama followers

Patriotic flags were everywhere in Alpha

Country Corner, a tiny produce market in Alpha is where President Obama held his speech

Cool picture of a Police helmet

The first wave of State Police on motorcycles leading the way for President Obama’s motorcade. Pretty impressive and intimidating.

This is what I came for. I wasn’t disappointed. It was incredible to see the security and
support staff that came with the President on his three day tour of the Midwest.

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Sweet Lydia

It was early spring when Lydia and her Mom came by my studio for some casual baby pictures. What a great way to have some fun and forget about the cold, chilly weather outside. Lydia was playful and we captured some fun pictures of her being yourself.
Looking forward to see you next time.

Lydia’s pictures

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Violet’s 6 month baby pictures

Violet and her mom came in for her 6 months baby pictures. And what a great photo session it was. Violet was on her best behavior and looking like an angel and posing like a model. It was a fun day and we got some beautiful pictures.
Thank you Amanda and Violet.

What an adorable picture!

I’m not sure what to do?

I’m ready to be a model!

Mom and Violet

Violet is ready to rock!

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Shelby and Matt’s Engagement Pictures

Shelby and Matt were a lot of fun while taking their engagement photos. They both love riding on their Harley so in this shot they drove it to the location and we ended up with a cool picture.

It was early morning down on the river front and the lighting was fantastic.
Just a few more engagement pictures that I thought were pretty special.

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Timid Flower Girl

The reason why more and more brides are call me up these days to photograph their
wedding is because of pictures like this. What a beautiful little girl with a pose that
takes your breath away and makes you smile. I am always looking for special moments
like these in every wedding I photograph. It’s my dedication and passion for wedding
photography that makes my photography stand out from the crowd. I hope you like it.

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Jeff and Jessica’s Wedding

What an awesome day it was photographing Jeff and Jessica’s wedding.
I have so many great pictures I would like to show everyone.
They are in no particular order. I hope you enjoy them. And remember to call me or
email me if you’re engaged and let’s talk.

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